Mission Statement:


The Antonio Castañeda Nava Charitable Foundation is the official name of the Trust Fund. This Trust Fund is to serve the members of the entire Apostolic Assembly in the continental United States and abroad. The Trust Fund is an accumulation of financial assets, or investment vehicles that mature, or yield a profit, as in cash monies donated or interest earned. Upon availability, members of the Apostolic Assembly church will be eligible to petition the Antonio Castaneda Nava charitable foundation for the following assistance:

• Financial assistance in the event of the death of a member
• Financial assistance to a local pastor or his family for illness, disability, death, and/or retirement
• Scholarship funds for deserving students in the local churches
• Emergency assistance to local churches for food, shelter, medical supplies, and/or services
• Assistance for counseling services for members experiencing trauma of any kind

In addition, as monies mature in the Trust Fund, the Trust Document stipulates that the following may be constructed to benefit the Apostolic Assembly on the national level (refer to Section 3.vi.):

• Orphanages
• Colleges
• Retirement centers